October Update

Driving to and fro, up and down island, I noticed Pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins everywhere!

I even saw some prematurely carved into Jack-o-Lanterns warmly inviting folk from the end of a driveway to buy stacked and cut firewood. There are fields and patches, bins and decorations. I like to see peoples creative expression just exploding. Certainly there are candies and costumes out in the stores and lots of mass produced decor to be sure, but I am talking about the artistic and creative spirit. What is inside us that helps us to see driftwood pieces as a spooky bat or a stack of great round rocks painted orange to mark a driveway, inviting travelers to stop, take a break and pick out a pumpkin. It makes a mind go back to memories of their childhood. Using paper to cut almost through in even strips of orange construction paper with a little black paper handle..remember those lanterns we happily showed to our parent and younger siblings after school. A little trip to the pumpkin patch can be just the break a busy almost grown up needs.

And Why Not Take advantage of the nice weather we have been enjoying, It is phenomenal.

September Update

September is upon us. What a beautiful season Fall is. I like the word Autumn, what happened to that season? The leaves are turning wonderful shades of gold and red and brown. I think I am going to miss raking up the crisp dry leaves that fell into my Okanagan Yard. The ones on Vancouver Island are soggy. I have a feeling that won’t change..but I remember from living here decades ago that the soggy leaves are super good for the compost pile. Now that is a Happy Thought! I love to make compost and Yay I get to do it year round on the island. I remember a sage friend Mary Russell so fondly and her husband Tom.. Mary said that plants need to eat too and the compost is their food. As I was young and new at gardening at the time, I listened very closely to those folk. I have had some awesome gardens over the years and really it was those early lessons from Autumns past that I have to thank. It is super rewarding to find that my Grandchildren are eager to learn about growing, planting and making earth with our scraps from their parents too. Looking forward to Craft and Fall Fairs coming up so I can see the rewards of Local Gardeners and taste the Harvest Jelly, a promised treat, at traditional community halls! We had a Chili cookoff last weekend at the Sayward Hall and were rewarded with 17 entries to taste! There was corn on the cob and homemade buns and even a very fun silent auction.

Buyers Roadtrip & Clear Skies

Well the BC Wildfires said that our much needed dose of rainfall also produced lightening strikes! This caused some spontaneous forest fires on Vancouver Island but the skies are Clear and bright again today in the beautiful Strathcona area!

This busy realtor is traveling some 400KM today with buyers so that is exciting for all parties involved… and I for one especially appreciate the fair weather and clear sky! I want to be able to see these ocean views that I will be trying to Sell today. Drive safe dear peeps and make sure you do not cause any “sparks” along the way~


I asked my husband what colour of nail polish I should have this time and he said Red! So I saw Tiffany in Campbell River and she painted them sparkly Candy Apple Red. I thought he must really like them as he glanced from the TV towards me when I said “Look, I got Red” Anywho….we have been discussing that I should replace my car this year, but of course as every-thing… prices have gone up and new is not necessarily going to be better, in fact I still miss my 2011 model. So yesterday I saw a same year model in this sparkly Candy Apple Red with just 40,000KM on it for a good price .. I traded Jasmine my lovely green car in for a Sparkly Bright Red Car with 100,000KM less on the odometer! I feel proud, and I didn’t have to pay tax or take depreciations this time. I Hope I get more than a Glance tonight when my husband gets home from work to see what his nail colour suggestion inspired me to do! btw I named her Carmela.

Whether the Weather

So our post office meeting conversation begins like this, “How are You?” and always has content about the current weather. So I have been reminded 3 or 4 times per week, during my routine task route that the Weather has certainly improved. So I work with this local information and use it to enlighten all who inquire and even some who don’t. Now to take this Summer Weather phenomenon out into my world, I have decided that my house plants could use and certainly deserve some fresh air. I have moved them all outside to a table on the patio and air them in an albeit shady spot and water them liberally about once a week rather than the twice a month from the indoor watering. Every now and then the sun moves high into the sky threatening to scorch everything in its bonny path, so I put the plants under the table if that happens, and until they would be out of direct sun. The overcast and rainy days are no problem for the plants, it washes their leaves and adds minerals to the soil… then you could reduce watering the next time perhaps. This doesn’t seem to create too much extra work or worry and it is both gratifying and satisfying to be out on the patio in any summer weather tending to my household tasks.